Carlos Giffoni "Adult Life" CD. On No Fun Productions. New full length CD of shinning electronic music.

Carlos Giffoni + Marcia Bassett "Organized Anatomy" CD. On Blossoming Noise. Limited to 300 copies.

Carlos Giffoni "The Absence of Essence" 2x7". On Arbor. Neew limited 2x7" set of short electronic pieces.

Carlos Giffoni "Zamuro" LP. On Important Records. Limited to 300 copies

Carlos Giffoni 'Resignation Letter' UK tour 7". On Harbinger Sound(UK). Limited to 100 copies.

Carlos Giffoni "Eternal Noise" CD/EP. On Bottrop Boy Records (Berlin). Limited to 500 copies

Carlos Giffoni "Charred Flesh" tape. On Hospital Productions.Limited to only 13 copies in special hand painted box package

Nels Cline/Carlos Giffoni/Alan Licht/Lee Ranaldo 'Nothign Makes Any Sense' CD. On No Fun Productions.

Smegma/Jazkamer CD. On No Fun Productions. Plays synth and bass in a few tracks.

Merzbow / Carlos Giffoni/Jim O'Rourke "Electric Dress" CD. Live Collaboration trio. Recorded live in Tokyo. Amazingly varied and obssesive with moments of total out analog sytnh walls, minimal interplay, soundtrack like interlude, slowly creeping buildups and massive layered moments. On the No Fun Productions Label.

Merzbow / Carlos Giffoni "Synth Destruction" CD. Total analog synth destruction from Japanese noise king Merzbow and Brooklyn noise boss Carlos Giffoni. Masami Akita=Analog Synth, Effects, and home made spring guitar instrument, Carlos Giffoni=Analog Synths and Effects. Recorded live in Tokyo. Released on Important Records.

Carlos Giffoni "Opening The Gates" LP Limited to 300 copies. Dark, minimal and shifting electronics, less layered and more primitive than the Arrogance material, while keeping the same tension and atmosphere. On the very cult swedish label UFO Mongo (Enema Syringe,Paul Kelday,etc)

Carlos Giffoni "Catholic Plague" 3" cd. Limited mini cd on the chondritic label out of detroit. Heavy analog electronics, repeating patterns and layered cascading frequencies.

Lesbian Brunch (Carlos Giffoni + Lasse Marhaug) "Lesbian Brunch" CD Limited to 500 copies. Studio full length collaboration between Carlos Giffoni and Norway's noise main man Lasse Marhaug. A balanced combination of old school japanese inspired noise and digital destruction to create a deliciously dangerous sonic dish. Released on Archive.

Carlos Giffoni "Arrogance" Full length on the No Fun Productions label, obsessed, intense,beautiful and terrifying.A total change of direction into a deep world of eternally shifting analog electronics.

Death Unit "Infinite Death" Carlos Giffoni/Brian Sullivan(Mouthus)/Chris Corsano/Trevor Tremaine(Hair Police.) Free Death Noise Jazz Destruction. One composition recorded at echo canyon studios, One composition recorded live during summer 2006 tour. Hand drawn artwork by Dominick Fernow. Total Death, Total Pain, Total Eternal Suffering.

Carlos Giffoni/Prurient "Heavy Rain Returns" Collaboration on Ideal Records. Recorded live in Brooklyn under the Bushwick moon. Total wall of electronic sound along the classic Prurient intense vocal delivery.

"Fun From None" DVD documenting the No Fun Fest 2004 and 2005 editions, directed by Chris Habib. Includes a Carlos Giffoni/Dylan Nyoukis collaboration, Death Unit, and Monotract, among many amazing acts of our day. Availible trough Load Records co-produced by No Fun Productions and Visitor Design.

Carlos Giffoni and Jim O'Rourke "Japan Synth Destruction 2" Japan Tour only cdr. number 2 in the mysterious synth destruction series. hand numbered and limited to 50. no label.

"Japan Synth Destruction 1" Japan Tour only cdr hand numbered and limited to 50. no label.

Fe-Mail and Carlos Giffoni 'Northern Stains'. Live Collaboration recorded at Fe-Mail's studio in Oslo with winter in full effect. Artwork by Maya Miller of Double Leopards, in cd gatefold package.Released by Important Records

Smegma/Carlos Giffoni/Metalux LP 3 way collaboration recorded at Smegma's studio. An American classic co-released between the legendary LAFMS and No Fun Productions. limited to 500.

Monotract "xprmntl lvrs". Full Rock On' release on the Ecstatic Peace label by the long standing trio of giffoni/garcia/rimada.

Death Unit- "Only Death is Certain". Death Unit is Carlos Giffoni,Chris Corsano,Trevor Tremaine(of Hair Police), and Brian Sullivan(Mouthus,White Rock). Total death oriented compositions from a massive quartet of destruction. 2 drumsets(Corsano/Tremaine),analog electronics(Giffoni),and mangled guitar(Sullivan) Ugly/Depressing and totally painful, availible trough Hospital Productions

Lee Ranaldo/Carlos Giffoni/Thurston Moore/Nels Cline 4 Guitars Live. Multitrack Live Recording from 2001. Mixed and Mastered by Wharton Tiers. The Night was supposed to be giffoni/moore duo cline/ranaldo duo. it got too late and thurston suggested the 4qtet. result= total crystal clear massive guitar sound explorations, say goodbye to yr expectations. Availible trough Important Records.

"Assassins Faith" 3" CD. 2 new tracks of Analog/Digital Destruction similar to recent live shows. Recorded live in Bushwick. Released by Chondritic Sound. What do you think is The Assassin's Faith?-Limited to 141-Out of Print (a few are availible at shows only)

"Red" 3" CD a little more digital than Assasins Faith, One non stop piece of volcanic and metallic sound guranteed to make everythign look red. released by P-Tapes

"Welcome Home" CD. Welcome Home is Carlos Giffoni's official solo full length of Electronic Psychodelycs,Chaos and New Hope Music. Recorded on various locations between 2002 and 2005. Includes collaborations with Pita and Dino Felipe, and beautiful artwork by Maya Miller of Double Leopards, in cd gatefold package.
Lasse Marhaug (Jazzkammer,Del) says:"That's it. Carlos is the Jimi Hendrix of Noise and this is the record of the year!"
Released By Important Records

Monotract 'Live in Japan'. This was recorded live in 2002 during Monotract's tour of Japan, and documents our electronics only/song oriented period. includes a cover of Throbbing Gristle's United. Fold Out killer artwork by Jelle Cramma.

"I am Real" Lp/Ep No Fun Productions LP. Limited to 300, no repressing. Punk as hell photocopy artwork. New and odd tracks from 2005. New Pre-Apocalypse hope music. Availible trough fusetron

collaboration tape with Mike Connelly(of Hair Police and Wolf Eyes) on Hospital Productions.out of print

"The Last Analog Session" cd-r. Limited hand assembled cd'r of recently found analog mindfuck track from 2002. Tape manipulation and analog processing recorded live. Released by Chocolate Monk

"Devastation Duo: And the Demon Smiles..." Devastation duo is Carlos Giffoni and Chuck Bettis. limited to 100. The soundtrack to the demolition of the universe. get it here Freaks end Future

"The Beauty of Skylines" 3" cd live set from european tour stop in Frankfurt in 2004, availible trough Feld Records

"Vermillion" tape only release availible trough Since 1972 early electronic tracks previously unreleased

"Recycled Music" Part of the RRR limited recycled tape only series, unedited tracks recorded live with electronics. RRR Out of Print

Nels Cline/Chris Corsano/Carlos Giffoni-Graduation LP(2004) . Free103.9 Audio Dispatch series. Live set from 2003 + 2004 b-side digital cut up from this recently graduated trio. Nels and Chris are 2 of the most exciting improvisers in the wolrd and masters of their instruments,+ they are kick ass dudes who enjoy spring break and keg stands, and when you graduate, spring break is forever. Cover Artwork by Matt Brinkman (merk puffy,mindflayer, forcefield)

Carlos Giffoni "Raw Files" (2004) CD . Soft Abuse- Puissant series . part of the limited hand assembled series, only 50 made. 86 short tracks made by a dying hard drive in my pc. cover drawing by Dino Felipe. Out of Print

Carlos Giffoni-Lee Ranaldo- Jim O'Rourke "North Six" (2004) 3" CD . Antiopic Records. Full Live set from August 31 2003 in Brooklyn from this massive sound destruction trio. computer/guitar/synth and fire bell. "This is classic free bombast, alternately sounding like a "rock band" interpretation of Merzbow's Rainbow Electronics or a punk update of a Musica Elettronica Viva session"

Lasse Marhaug/Carlos Giffoni "Lesbian Brunch" (2004) 3" CDr . Gameboy Records. Live set from july 2003 in Antwerp,Belgium, digital cut up, live synthesis, death metal and to 85.-Out of Print

Carlos Giffoni- Dylan Nyoukis "Chewing Smoke" (2004) CD . Imvated Records. Mail collaborations with scotish improviser and front man of voice-folk-electronics-sickness Decaer Pinga.

Carlos Giffoni- Dylan Nyoukis-Thurston Moore "Make no Mistake About it" Ecstatic Peace #6b(2004) CD-r . Last track on chewing smoke cd collaboration with Dylan Nyoukis, Mad man from Massachussets yelling and yodeling along to the track into a hand held recorder while driving. limited to ??. -Out of Print

    Old Bombs 'Audios' CD broken electronics,collage,synthetic collaborations with dino felipe and vanessa from fukktron on Soft Abuse(2004)

"Live Inside the Radio" (2003) single cd-r Limited to 50. take me to my car records. sold at shows. -Out of Print

"OUT" Monotract/Decaer Pinga Split 7" (2003) 3 Labels: take me to my car records-Gameboy-Breathmint

Carlos Giffoni-Newton "Serious Noise Musicians" (2003)cd-r Breathmint Records.

                   Monotract+Astro Collaboration 'Live at Muriki Muzendera-Tokyo' cdr on RRR (2003)-Out of Print

Monotract "Pagu" LP (2002) on Public Eyesore.

Old Bombs zero  Cd-r On Veglia Records. (2002) includes Old Bombs 1 as a bonus track Out of Print             

-"9 hours with jim and the greatful dead"  CD-r on Carbon Records(2002)

Old Bombs 3/ Wolf eyes Live split cd-r originally on betley welcomes careful drivers re-released on publiceyesore(2002)-Out of Print

                    Monotract-Live cuts 98-2000 cd-r of Freedom From(2001)-Out of Print

-"lo que solo se puede expresar a trtaves del silencio y una mirada de ayer."  CD On Public eyesore(2001)-Out of Print

                   Old Bombs 2 'Silenium Bombs' tape on spite (2000)-Out of Print


 Plastic Mastery "Hearts are Revolution 7" "- electronics on the song 'Falling Angels'. 2000.-Out of Print          

 Carlos Giffoni / Jorge Castro  "guitarras del olvido y pensamientos dimesionales" CD P.E.(2000)-Out of Print

Monotract "Blaggout" CD (2000) on Animal World Recordings.

    Old Bombs 1 on White Tapes 1999 -Out of Print

-"electrolito neptuno" 30 minute cassette on Freedom From (1999) -Out of Print

Monotract cassette (1999) on White Tapes.-Out of Print

                   Monotract/Gang Wizard Split 7" Labels: Take Me to My Car Records and Black Bean and Placenta records(1999)-Out of Print

-Monotract "Trafficant" 7" Spy Fi Records(1998)-Out of Print


-"I Dont Think the Dirt Belongs to the Grass",3xCD 2006 Carbon Records - song titled 'Bellua Rescucito'

-Rotkop Fanzine #7 'Sports',CD 2004 - song titled 'Fernanda Aldana'-Out of Print

-Audio Dispatch 11:Tune(In))), free103.9 CD. 2003 'untitled'- same track as the live inside the radio cd-r.

-Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish" CD, 2003 Animal World Recordings- A Tribute to Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, Helped compiling it, did 'Ink Mathematics' with monotract.

-"Hurts so Good" Cock ESP remix CD, 2003 V/Vm Test Records

-"No Tribute" CD, 2002 - (various labels) Tribute to the Nihilist Spasm Band, song 'Dog Face Man'

-"Soun" 7",2003 Gameboy records, 100 artist 4 second tracks randomly placed on a 7"

-Seagull double tape (2002)-Out of Print

- Analogous Indirect LP(2001) monotract--Out of Print

-Industrial Goat Frenzy cd(2000)-Out of Print